Big Freeze is the 1st season finale.


Winter has come and Inverness The Ice Breaker has finished up. The Tugs are expecting RMS Queen Mary 2 to come, so Foduck is given the task to bring the ocean liner in. Lillie Lightship is low on fuel, and asks Foduck if he had seen Theodore. Foduck thinks that Theodore is at the river.

Meanwhile, Theodore and Emily are trying their best to find a fuel barge for Lillie Lightship. Captain Bob has told them that, if Lillie's light isn't working when Queen Mary arrives, the ocean liner will sail on to the next port - so it is vital that they find a fuel barge. Unfortunately, the only fuel barge they find is with Jeremy. Theodore and Emily try to convince Jeremy to give them his fuel barge, so they can supply Lillie Lightship. But, Jeremy refuses, believing that Theodore and Emily are going to use it as a replacement for the one destroyed in the Munitions incident.

Theodore and Emily tell George about Jeremy and the fuel barge, and George agrees that Jeremy is making a big mistake - without Lillie's light, there won't be any visit from Vienna. Just then, Emily has an idea and suggests to collect the Emergency Light Barge, just up the creek. George agrees and tells the Morrison switchers to collect quickly as they can before dark. The Knudson switchers, Jip and Jug, have overheard the conversation, and they mistakenly think that Theodore and Emily are going to collect another fuel barge and try to beat Jeremy to Queen Mary.

Meanwhile, at the Dump, Hank is struggling to find an empty barge as Guysborough is full. Fortunately, he finds one and says "there's one there, half-full...I mean half-empty!"

At the creek, Theodore and Emily find the Emergency Light Barge; but Jip and Jug use a moored Fire Barge and jam it across the creek, trapping the Morrison switchers inside. Despite their best effort, Theodore and Emily can't move it - until Emily explains about the Night Tide (another part of the creek is low tide during the day and high tide during the night) and it leads back to the river.

Night falls, and Jebediah, Jack, Molly, George and Oliver are waiting for Queen Mary when Hank arrives. George is concerned as Theodore and Emily haven't arrived yet. So, they all suggest how to make Foduck and Queen Mary know where they are. No one has an idea until Hank suggests to burn the garbage in his barge, which will make a light! Hank's plan works until the fire burns out, but luckily, by chance, Theodore and Emily arrive - and with a bit of help from Hank, the Emergency Light Barge is turned on. Now, Foduck and Queen Mary are able to continue on course for the bay.

Just after Jeremy arrives, Jip and Jug turn up, and they are very surprised to see Theodore and Emily there! Jeremy asks Jip and Jug what they were trying to explain to him at the fuel depot, so Jip tells Jeremy that they blocked the Morrison switchers with the Fire Barge, so that the fuel still stayed with Jeremy. But when Theodore explains about the Emergency Light Barge, Jeremy realises why the Morrison switchers wanted the fuel barge, and scolds Jip and Jug for being so silly. Quickly, Jip and Jug leave to clear away the Fire Barge before Red Fin turns up!

Soon, Foduck arrives with Queen and both the Morrison and the Knudson Fleets set to work to load and unload their barges. As Queen Mary has enough fuel to get to the next port, she doesn't need to take on any more - so Jeremy decides to give his fuel to Lillie Lightship.

In the end, Queen Mary continues her voyage; Lillie is happy to have her light on again; and Jip and Jug get into deep trouble with Red Fin!


  • This episode marks the end of Season 1 & TUGS re-writes. From here on out, all episodes are original.
  • The RMS Queen Mary 2 replaced the SS Vienna to keep show contemporary.

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