Bombardier is the 2nd season debut.


More & more ships are coming into the Port of Halifax. The Morrison Fleet is cracking under the pressure. They always do during the Summer Rush. That all changes when Captain Bob gets a call from his twin brother, Captain Star III. He & his Bombardier Fleet are moving to Halifax from Southampton. Delighted, Captain Bob announces the news to the Morrisons. All are excited, except Oliver, who believes that British are inferior, especially after they lost the Revolutionary War & the War of 1812. Bob reminds Oliver that he is British.

In the dead of night, Star & his tugs arrive in Halifax. They transform an old dock into a haven for tugs. The next morning, Star calls Bob & informs him that he & his tugs have arrived. After a happy reunion, the Bombardier Tugs introduce themselves to Bob: Ten Cents, Big Mac, OJ, Top Hat, Warrior, Hercules & Sunshine, plus the midget sub Grampus. Bob then introduces his tugs: Theodore, Hank, George, Emily, Foduck, Oliver & Molly. The Knudson switchers Jip & Jug spy on the Bombardier's. They realize that they pose a threat to the Knudson Fleet & must be scuttled.

At the Knudson Dock, the switchers inform Captain Zero III that at least 7 tugs from England have arrived. Realizing that they are actually the Star Fleet, Zero brings up the nearly 90-year old feud between the Stewarts & the Montello's. He decides that they know that the Knudson's are like the Z-Stacks (who were all scrapped in the 1960's). He decides to tarnish their reputation!

The Morrison & Bombardier tugs all set to work. Theodore & Emily are working with Ten Cents & Sunshine. They tell each other stories from both Halifax & Bigg City Port. Oliver & Top Hat become fast friends, Foduck & Hercules talk about rescues, OJ works with Hank & Molly & Big Mac & Warrior work with George. Meanwhile, Jebediah warns Ten Cents & Sunshine of the impending attempts at sabotage. They tell the rest, and they prepare to counter-sabotage. Obama decides to allow it since port law states not to trust the Knudson's.

The Knudson's first sabotage attempt: Damage OJ's engine. OJ, however, has put a flare barge where the Knudson's thought he would. Jip & Jug end up setting off flares, and Obama fines them.

Attempt #2: Run Big Mac aground. This already happened to him back in the 1920's. So R. Boat, who had been feeling suicidal, hoes in Big Mac's place. Jip & Jug end up running R. Boat aground.

Attempt #3: Cause Cheech & Chong to sink. Top Hat accounted for this, so he carried normal barges instead. Cheech & Chong ended up surprising Jip & Jug by shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR!", and then having a dock worker pour water on some dry ice. This gives them the impression that a terrorist vessel has detonated, and their skippers set off the air raid sirens. Obama fines them again for a false alarm.

The last attempt: Scuttle the whole fleet in the dead of night! The Morrison tugs box them in with flare barges. So when Jip & Jug ram what they think is Sunshine, they set off flares instead. This time, Obama detains them & puts them in the compound for 2 weeks.


  • First appearance of Captain Star III & the Bombardier Fleet.
  • Except for OJ, the models for the Bombardier Tugs were all from TUGS. The only difference is that the Star Fleet logo, a star, is replaced with the Bombardier Fleet logo, a Bombardier Bi-Level Passenger Car.
  • OJ's model is completely new, since the old model was rebuild & repainted for it's sole appearance in the 4th season of "Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends". Ironically, Thomas himself appears in an easter egg on the "Complete 2nd Season" DVD, where he has a dispute with Carl over who has the better system: Canadian National or North Western.

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