The Bombardier Fleet is the newest tugboat fleet in the Port of Halifax. They are friends of the Morrison Fleet & often collaborate with them. They hate the Knudson Fleet just as much as the Morrison's do.


The fleet is as follows:

  • Nos. 1-7 are the Star Tugs of the 1920's, constantly upgraded to today's standards. They are as follows:
  • No. 1, Ten Cents: Cockney, Switcher
  • No. 2, Big Mac: Glaswegian, Harbor
  • No. 3, O.J.: Welsh, Steam-powered Harbor
  • No. 4, Top Hat: Posh English, Railway
  • No. 5, Warrior: South London, Harbor
  • No. 6, Hercules: Politically Correct (P.C.) English, Ocean
  • No. 7, Sunshine: Geordie, Switcher
  • Captain Star III is in charge. He is Captain Bob's twin brother. Played by Patrick Stewart.


The Bombardier Fleet's operations are shared contracts with the Morrison Fleet.


The Bombardier Fleet first appeared in "Bombardier", the 2nd season premiere & have appeared in every episode since.

In the 2nd season finale, they merged with the Morrison Fleet, but the individual pages will stay.

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