The Canadian Navy is part of the Canadian Military. The ships are usually pushy, aggressive, rude & too big for their propellers

Vessels stationed in HalifaxEdit

Several ships are stationed in the Port of Halifax. They are as follows:

  • Burton is the main tugboat stationed in Halifax. He is very bossy, always giving orders. "Order's come before common sense" is Foduck's stance on him. He caused the 2011 Valentine's Day Munitions Fire, where he was severely punished afterwards. Since then, he has softened up a little, but his old personality is still present.
  • The Transport Ship Raniere was brought into port by Foduck on the eve the Munitions Disaster. It was destroyed in the disaster. The entire crew was killed.
  • Another Transport Ship, Mauna Loa, was to be brought in by Oliver. But Burton cancelled the order & brought him in instead. Apparently, the captain liked the "French Taunting" from "Monty Python & The Holy Grail". So, Mauna Loa repeated the lines often. He suffered the same fate as the Raniere.
  • Nautilis is the only naval ship in the Port who is actually sane. He helped rescue the oil tanker Canso Colossus in the 90's.
  • Several submarines, destroyers, cruisers & transports are often stationed at the Naval Dock near the River's Mouth.
  • Big Basil the Crane was used to load munitions during the annual naval manouvers. His dock collapsed during the Munitions Fire. He fell into the water & sank. Luckily, he landed in shallow waters & was salvaged, restored & re-located to the Morrison dock.

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