First Day is the fourth episode of Season 2.


Captain Bob still remembers the day Theodore arrived in Halifax like it was yesterday. Needing another switcher to complement Hank and Emily, Captain Bob had aquired Theodore from a small tugboat company in Dartmouth. Theodore is overwhelmed by the huge size of Halifax, and heads for the Morrison Fleet Dock (this was in 1993, so the Knudson Fleet is non-existant).

Theodore checks in with Captain Bob, who warmly welcomes him. Then George comes in and introduces himself. Captain Bob sends George on Refinery Detail, and tells Theodore he should spend the day exploring Halifax to get to know the place.

While Theodore is exploring, he meets Philip and Filmore, Foduck, Guysborough, and Burton the Naval Tug. The encounter with Burton doesn't end well, as Burton accuses Theodore of being a Communist sympathiser (due to his red hat) and decides to tow him to the Compound. But before he can get there, Emily rams Burton and angrily scolds him. Obama then comes and tells Burton that he is reporting him to McArthur, Burton's superior. As Burton pleads for Obama not to do so, Theodore sits there in shock, traumatized. He can't believe he has gotten in trouble with the Navy!

Emily decides to give Theodore his space. Finally, Theodore rushes for the open ocean, intent on returning to Dartmouth. Captain Bob tells Emily to console Theodore and bring him back to the Morrison Dock.

Theodore is almost out of port, when an enraged Burton rams him hard. Burton ties a tow rope on and says he is going to sink Theodore at Dender Rocks! Obama and McArthur are in hot pursuit of Burton. The situation seems dire now. McArthur has primed his torpedo tubes, but is afraid he will cause collateral damage to Theodore. And Burton refuses to let go of Theodore, who is now crying.

Finally, Burton starts to push Theodore in the direction of Dender Rocks. All of a sudden, Emily comes in and rams Burton, this time putting a towline on him. Burton is forced to release his line on Theodore, and tries very hard to break free of Emily, but is powerless, as Emily forces him onto the beach. He isn't going anywhere now!

As Obama and McArthur move in to arrest Burton for insubordination, Emily moves over to Theodore. She isn't sure what to do: give him his space, or try to console him.

Finally, she makes a decision. She moves up to him and asks if he is OK. No, he says. He wasn't expecting to get in trouble with the Navy when he did no wrong. After a bit of consoling from Emily, Theodore calms down and he and Emily introduce themselves.

Back at the Morrison Dock, Captain Bob tells Theodore that Burton has been accusing ships with red on them of being Communist Sympathisers, mostly Russian ships. McArthur then comes by and apologizes to Theodore about Burton's behavior, and tells him Burton will be spending a long time in the compound. Captain Bob then tells Theodore he should stay at the Morrison Dock for the rest of the day. Emily has finished her work, so she stays with Theodore, and they begin to swap stories.

Captain Bob ends the episode by saying:

"From that day foreward, Theodore and Emily were very close. I often see them working on tows together, despite being switchers. From what I heard, after the whole Cabot Affair, they became a couple. They weren't the only couple, so I hear, as more recently, Hank hooked up with Molly. Whichever way you put it, things would be different for the Morrison Fleet after Theodore arrived."


  • First chronological appearances of Theodore, Emily, George, Foduck, Hank, Philp and Filmore, Obama, McArthur, Burton, Margaree Pride, Rebecca, Captain Bob, Bedford, and Guysborough.
  • A few tugs from the Alstom Fleet cameo in this episode.


  • McArthur has a thick Canadian accent in this episode, but in "Regatta", he had a Neutral American Accent.
  • Burton is incorrectly portrayed as a steam tug, because Bluenose's model was re-used for him. He still makes diesel engine sounds, though.
  • When Theodore is being towed to the Compound by Burton, Molly appears in the background, but she wasn't chronologically introduced yet. However, since she is pulling a barge with stone on it, it can be assumed this episode and "Oliver (Episode)" were filmed at the same time.
  • Margaree Pride seems to be listing in one scene.

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