Ghosts is a 1st season episode.


Winter arrives early in Halifax, and the fog that comes with it. It was much more difficult to navigate through fog in these years, due tugs having neither a radio nor radar.

One night, Hank is traveling home to the Morrison Pier, after working with Scuttlebutt Pete II, who has been telling him ghost stories. The fog makes everything seem very spooky. Just then, Hank sees some tugs – silent, white tugs that appear to be ghosts! Hank thinks it’s the Ghost Fleet Scuttlebutt Pete told him about. Hank rushes home, and while reluctant at first, tells the others. The tugs make great fun of Hank, except for Molly, who comforts him.

The next morning, the tugs (sans Molly) still make fun of Hank. He wishes he hadn’t told them now!

That night, on Molly's way back to port, some shrimpers are using her a guide. Suddenly, Molly sees a mud bank, and swerves just in time. But the shrimpers can’t react in time and end right up on the mud bank! Then, Molly sees the Ghost Fleet too!

Further away, Izzy Gomez II is about to attempt to get into port free, using the fog as cover. Jeremy comes across Izzy and taunts him about it. He then leaves Izzy. Up ahead, Jeremy sees two lights in the mist that he thinks is another container ship needing a tow – but it turns out to be the Ghost Fleet! Meanwhile, Izzy Gomez has started away on his own! Before long, he too sees the ghosts. A frightened Jeremy has traveled right round in a circle, and ends running straight into Izzy’s side! A desperate Izzy, wanting to get into port away from the ghosts, offers Jeremy to tow him for any price. Jeremy though, also scared, says he will tow him in free as he needs some company on the way back to the port!

George is also on the way back to port, after escorting two trampers out to sea. He takes a shortcut through the inlet where old cranes are kept. The fog makes everything look very creepy. Suddenly, Scuttlebutt raises his dredger out of the water, startled by George, while George is startled by Scuttlebutt! George soon continues on – and sees the Ghost Fleet pass right on by!

Oliver is now traveling home, after a long day. He is suddenly startled – but merely by a VIA Rail train crossing the rail bridge. The fog and all, it would seem, is getting to Oliver nerves as well. Upon steering between two idle trampers, Oliver sees the Ghost Fleet, and docks behind The Mysterious Grain Ship to hide, thinking he is miles from home.

Theodore and Emily are taking fuel to Lillie Lightship, but it’s hard-going. Just then, they hear a strange cracking noise. To add to that, the Ghost Fleet arrives. And further still, an old steam ship slowly rises from the water. Lightning strikes it all over, several times, and a freakish face appears in the sky, of which Emily observes looks like Godzilla. The two tugs clear the scene in terror.

Next morning, Northumberland finds Top Hat. Northumberland has to spit out some water. As he does so, it happens to go in Oliver’s face, waking him up with a start! Top Hat shouts for the ghosts to go away, and then sees Northumberland, telling him he must have been dreaming! Northumberland makes great fun of Oliver for mooring there, as he is only “500 yards from the Morrison Fleet Compound.”Oliver heads over to the dock, and tells the others all about what he saw. George says how, “We’ve all seen them. Theodore and Emily have seen a galleon, too.”Oliver continues to go on and on about the ghosts. Foduck, just arriving back, hears the commotion. “Ghosts? What’s that about, me dears?”Foduck asks. The tugs tell Foduck all about the Ghost Fleet. Foduck, smiling widely, explains. “They’re the White Fleet, down here from Northern waters, on the trail of an iceberg. These tugs sail at times with engines off, listening for cracking ice. There was a wooden galleon frozen in this iceberg, which must have melted in our warmer water.” And just then, Wink and Fibb tow the old Rusted Out Hulk by. The Morrison Tugs can only but laugh. Although Emily is still uncertain as to the King Of The Monsters…


  • First time Godzilla "appears".

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