Hank is Morrison Tug No. 2. He is a switcher, but was once classified as a harbor tug. He is Theodore's best friend & Molly's boyfriend


Hank's job is, like Theodore, to be a switcher, moving barges (usually from the side instead of the front unlike the other Tugs) and being the pusher in the job of moving big ships and boats. He is also often seen on coal detail.


He loves to make funny faces and noises as a way of getting attention. He can be very sensitive too, and usually gets ignored for being the smallest. But whenever he feels down, he always turns to Theodore for help or guidance. But out of all the other tugboats, Hank is special because of his good humour and nature to learn and grow from his mistakes. He works with Bonavista Barge. He once wanted to be called Henry in Hank's new name. Sometimes it's hard for him to keep quiet when he supposed to, but one time it was a good thing he spoke up when Owen, George, Theodore were about to crash into Willis Island when Hank told Lilly to be quiet. He always forgets to tuck in his anchor, so the other tugs always remind him every now and then. He always likes the describe things as "fresh" as it sounds like a terrific word even if it's the only word he can think of. 

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