High Tide is a 1st season episode.

Plot EditEdit

Molly arrives at the briefing with her face covered in coal dust, having worked all night. Oliver rudely teases her for it, and Hank defends her, until Captain Bob begins the briefing. He sends Oliver to pick up Guysborough, much to his disgust. Oliver tries to argue his way out of it, but fails. Emily is sent to help Theodore, who is already working and George to pick up a new propeller from Lucky's Yard, where Theodore and Emily will help him after finishing their work. Hank & Molly are sent to pick up steel, & Captain Bob warns them to be careful, as the highest tide in years was taking place.

As Big Basil, the port's largest crane, is preparing for the move to the new location, Hank & Molly run into Jeremy and Jack, who are competing for the steel contract. Big Basil loads the steel, and wishes Hank & Molly luck as they begin their trip to the new steelworks location. Shortly after, Jeremy and Jack decide to cut through the canal, seeing as it's too narrow for the Morrison Tugs & them to go through at the same time. Hank & Molly find out about this, but they don't worry about losing the contract, because with Jeremy's tall load, the high tide, & low bridges, the Knudson Tugs were sure to get their just desserts!

Meanwhile, Oliver is also going through the canal with his barges Cheech, Chong & Lord Stinker. He spots the two Knudsons, and they argue over who will pass, & who will turn back. Jeremy & Top Hat both try to go through, and find out who'll make it through, but then Oliver backs away, seeing that Jeremy's load will hit the railway bridge. Jeremy can't reverse, and he winds up ramming into the railway bridge. As he and Jack go for help, Carl, on a yard transfer makes his way toward the bridge, which was weakened by Jeremy's steel. Oliver has an idea. He plans to prop the bridge up with Jeremy's load. The steel is put into place, and it holds up long enough for Carl to pass. Right after, though, the steel collapses, followed by the bridge, just as a Quebec City-bound through train makes its way to it. Guysborough has an idea: to attempt to catch the train by waiting in front of the broken rail. His idea works, and no damage comes to Guysborough, the SD40-2's, or its cars. The steel company wasn't happy about the damage done by the Knudsons and the Morrison Fleet was given the steel contract as the bridge was rebuilt.


  • Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong guest star as their namesake barges.
  • Director Andy Sammonds (AKA BNSF1995) said that Jebediah was replaced with Jeremy as part of Jebediah's gradual transformation from a Knudson to a Morrison-Bombardier.

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