The Knudson Fleet is one of 2 tugboat fleets in the Port of Halifax. They strive to one-up the Morrison Tugs, who they hate with a passion. They mostly work in the harbor, since the Morrison Fleet has the contracts for all of the industries up river. The operation is fairly new, being started up in 2002


The Knudson Fleet is as follows:

  • No. 1, Jeremy, is a harbour tug. He is the unoffical leader of the the Knudson's. He is mean, nasty, devious & power-hungry. He wears a black fedora, which moves up when he looks up.
  • No. 2, Jebediah (often called Jeb), is a harbour tug. He is 2nd-in-command. He often tries to find ways to sabotage or mess up the Morrison Tugs' operations. He does, however, have a good streak. He wears a black fedora, like most of the Knudson's.
  • No. 3, Jack, is the most devious of the Knudson tugs. He is a harbour tug.He plots to destroy the Morrisons. However, Constance The Coast Guard always stops. He often impounded, quarantined, dry-docked, beached & otherwise by Constance. He wears a black fedora.
  • No. 4, Jug, is a switcher. He often plays along with Jeremy's plans to advance in the marine industry. Sadly, he's the dumbest of all the Knudson Tugs, often acting before thinking. However, he means well & often finishes his jobs.
  • No. 5, Jip, is the newest & youngest of the Knudson Tugs. He is a switcher. He is smarter than Jug, but isn't as bright as Jeremy at the same time. He also plays along with Jeremy's plans.
  • Captain Zero III is a native of Bigg City Port, England. He always tries to find ways to beat the Morrisons, but his tugs can never pull it off. He is also leader of the Halifax Mafia, which explains why the Morrison Dock is often vandalized. He also scuttles switchers & barges that the Morrisons charter. Why he is not in prison is a great mystery. His grandpa, Captain Zero, ran the Z-Stack Fleet in Bigg City Port.
  • The Knudson Fleet owns a variety of nasty, foul-mouthed barges. Guysborough, however, is owned by the Municipal Garbage Company.


The Knudson Dock is located in the boonies, down the canal. It is very rundown, dirty & is falling apart. The Knudsons, however, wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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