Molly is the 1st episode


The series starts by giving us an introduction to the Morrison Fleet. A tugboat named Molly from Miami comes to help the Morrison Fleet. They are to tow in the Allure of the Seas, the largest crusie ship on Earth. The Knudson find out about this and they make a plan to get the contract. Foduck is away on duty. So the Kudson's put George out of action by pushing him on a mud bank. When the Stars tow in the Allure, Jeremy pushes Molly into the Allure's rudder. The Morrison Fleet didn't see this. Molly feels bad and he runs away.

The Kudson's are pleased with their plan and they think they will get the Contract. The Morrison Fleet are cross with Molly but Hank sticks up for her and decides to look for him. On his search, he meets Izzy Gomez the cargo ship. Izzy tells him that it was Jeremy who hit Molly. Hank then tells the rest of the Morrison Fleet and they all go looking for her. They find her in danger of sinking. They persuade her to go back home with them, so Molly agrees. Theodore suddenly discovers he was supposed to give Izzy Gomez a tow, and rushes off to find him.

The truth is out and Captain Zero III yells at Jack, Jeremy and Jip. Captain Bob tells the Morrison Fleet that they have learned that they shouldn't jump to conclusions before knowing the truth, and he also tells them that he has decided to make Molly a member of the Morrison Fleet.


  • While Molly still has her white and black Smokestack, she is painted in the Morrison Fleet livery. It's a goof because Molly had yet to join the Morrison Fleet and wouldn't have been painted in their livery before joining.
    • Strangely, this is not present in the televised version, where she retains her Miami livery until the end of the episode.
  • When Hank leaves his fellow Morrison Tugs in the beginning his face becomes dirty but a few shots before that his face is clean.
  • At the beginning, when the Morrison Tugs are honking excitedly about the Allure, Foduck's horn can be heard, but Foduck isn't seen there.
  • At briefing at the beginning, Theodore and George keep changing places.
  • When the Morrison Tugs are towing the Allure, look closely in the close-up of Oliver and you can see he is not moving.
  • During the towing of the Allure, Theodore bumps into a nearby anchored boat lightly in one scene.
  • When Sunshine runs into the Allure, her smokestack pops up.
  • In a rare picture, a camera tripod can be seen near Jeremy.
  • In a rare picture, the ropes on Jeremy's hull is out of place.
  • During the towing of the Allure, The Coast Guard Messenger and Red Fin are on the left side of the Allure, but in a rare picture and deleted scene they are on the right side.
  • After when Jeremy talks to Jip, Theodore stops when towing the Allure.

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