The Morrison Fleet is one of 2 tugboat fleets in the Port of Halifax. They were the 1st fleet in the Port, being started in 1926. The current fleet replaced the outdated steam-powered fleet in 1986. Their main competitor is the Knudson Fleet


The Morrison Tugs are as follows

  • No. 1, Theodore "The Vital", is a switcher, but often works on tows. He is the hardest working of all of the Morrison Tugs. His hat is a red baseball cap. He is often seen in the port, shuttling loaded & empty barges to where they are needed. He is a cheery tug who is loved by all... except the Knudson Fleet & the Naval tugboat, Burton.
  • No. 2, Hank, is also a switcher, but often works on tows. He always hauls barges on the side, instead of pushing or pulling them. Hank wears a blue togue. He is often seen on longer-hauls, taking coal from upriver to the power plant, then going to the lumber mill to pick up lumber for the mills up river. He is the fastest tug, which is why he is often used on barge hops.
  • No. 3, George "The Valiant, is a harbor tug. He is 2nd strongest tug in the harbor, to the point where a 2nd funnel was needed. He often works on tows & at the refinery. He is a gentle giant, but is known to make offensive comments towards the Knudson Tugs. He wears a purple baseball cap, but it is backwards.
  • No. 4, Emily "The Vigorous, is a switcher, but often works on tows. She is often seen towing the 6 Laditude oil ships to Owan The Oil Rig. She is Theodore's girlfriend, who she loves, cares for & worries about when he is in trouble. She can also be seen on the long hauls between the logging camps & the lumbermill. She wears a green fisherman's hat
  • No. 5, Foduck "The Vigilant", is an ocean tug. He wears a red firemans helmet. He is often seen supervising the disorderly Sherpa anchor-handling tugs who always deviate from the shipment lanes bring Owan into port for maintenece. He has a firehose, sonar equipment & searchlights, as he doubles as the fire chief. He wears a red fireman's helmet.
  • No. 6, Oliver "The Vast", is a railway tug. He works the Canadian National Railway's car float operations, but often works on tows. He was a bully who continuously bumped Theodore & nearly caused a major sinking, until Captain Bob caught on & sent him back to Dartmouth. He reformed & is now back in the port on railway detail. He is good friends with the the CNR's locomotives. He wears a violet cap & can bob his wheelhouse up & down.
  • No. 7, Molly, is the Morrison Fleet's newest recruit. She is a switcher, but is often seen on tows. She is often on woodchip detail, bringing woodchips from up river down to the Port, where the chips are transfered to the CNR. She wears a yellow beret. She is Hank's girlfriend, Emily's best friend & the 2nd hardest working tug (sometimes Oliver doesn't even try).
  • Nos. 8 & 9, Andy & Katie, are twins. They first appeared in the 3rd Season Opener, "Twins". Andy wears a blue train engineers cap, while Katie wears a pink one. Both are ocean tugs. They care for each other very much & one without the other is unthinkable. They can also be sadistic towards the Knudson's, going as far as to sabotage their operations by scuttling their barges, making extremely rude comments & even calling Captain Zero III a "b*****d". They are very, very powerful, maybe even stronger than George!
  • Barrington is a cargo barge owned by the Morrison Fleet. He carries many loads, from pipes to steel girders & even Pearl The Pilot Tug when she was severely damaged by the Knudson Fleet. Speaking of the Knudsons, they often try to steal him, but the coast guard ship, Constance, always catch them in the act.
  • The Fueling Barge was to be the Morrison tug's source of fuel. Ultimately, it was destroyed during the 2011 Valentine's Day Munitions Accident.
  • Bobby was a salvage barge who was chartered at several times in the 1990's. Ultimately, it was decided that the floating crane, Mighty Moe II, could handle all salvage operations & Bobby was scuttled.
  • Brunswick is a cargo barge & undeniably the largest barge owned by the Morrison Fleet. Like Barrington, he carries many cargo's.
  • Sigrid, The Supply Ship, is a supplie ship & honorary tug. She often carries Harold The Helicopter, a rescue copter from The Island of Sodor. She resupplies Owan The Oil Rigs. She also works on tows from time to time.
  • The Morrison Fleet has the contract to resupply Owan The Oil Rig, as well as tow the Latitude super oil ships for filling. He is a loudmouth but very friendly.
  • The Morrison Fleet also has the contract to haul oil away & resupply Tex The Oil Rig. He was initially hostile, but became friendly when Theodore & George saved him.
  • Captain Bob is the owner of the Morrison Fleet. He gives the tugs their jobs. He can be stearn, but also a loving fathering figure. He hails from Bigg City Port, where his great-grandpa, Captain Star, owned & ran a tugboat fleet called the Star Tugs.
  • Former Mamas & Papas drummer Denny Doherty was the Harbor Master until 2001, when he retired. He passed away on January 19th, 2007.
  • Robert Cardona is the current Harbor Master. Though Captain Bob narrarates the episodes & individual voice actors provide the character's voices, the Harbor Master still appears in many episodes as a full-bodied human.
  • The Skippers sail the tugs. They are notorious for getting drunk & smoking, but love their job nonetheless.


The Tugs sleep at the Morrison Dock, formerly called the Great Ocean Tug and Salvage Company Dock. The dock is frequently tagged, has windows smashed by rocks & was once even firebombed by the Halifax Mafia. Despite all that, the dock remains a haven for the tugs.


Over the course of the history of the Morrison Fleet, many disasters have happened. The disasters listed here are only the ones involving the loss of ships or human life.

  • September 24th, 1926: On the 1st day of operation, the 1st tug exploded, killing the skipper.
  • May 30th, 1961: A little-documented Soviet raid sunk the entire Morrison Fleet & blew up Benjamin Bridge.
  • 1990's: Due to the ignorant Dispatcher who replaced the Morrison Dock's buildings between 1991 & 2004, a string a well-documented incidents took place.
  • On September 13th, 2000, the Morrison Fleet assisted in detaining the ocean liner SS Remebrandt (now known as SS Rotterdam) when Premiere Cruises shut down permanently at midnight. She was later released the next morning, when George & Emily took her to Freeport, Bahamas.
  • July 25th, 2008: The container ship MS Clementine was misguided by faulty cables. The ship hit a reef & sank. The incident was reminicient of the MS Sea Diamond sinking. The entire crew was rescued by Phillip & Fillmore, the Ferry Twins. The Clementine was imploded into the sea, to free up the shipping lanes. One false report claimed that the ship was salvaged by US Chinooks, but US President George W. Bush denied it.
  • February 14th, 2009: The worst disaster took place during the annual naval manouvers. The Naval Transport Ships Raniere & Mauna Loa were being loaded with both munitions & explosives, "Risky seamanship", Foduck called it. When the Naval Tug Burton cut in front of the Knudson Tug, Jeremy, a fuel barrel was knocked down. A spark from Burton's funnel started what would be the MOST destructive night in the ports history. Both The Raniere & Mauna Loa were ripped apart and sank & the dock crane Big Basil fell into the water & sank when his dock collapsed (though he was later salvaged). The fire was extinguished by Hank, Foduck & the Red Fin, the Fire Chief.

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