The Municipal Garbage Company was one of the first companies started in the Port of Halifax in the 1880's. The Morrison Fleet tows the garbage every Monday to the companies landfill just past the River Mouth under contract. The new Bombardier Fleet shares that contract.


The Municipal Garbage Company's fleet is as follows:

  • Guysborough The Garbage Barge was built by the company in 1948. Years of wear & tear have taken their toll, but as long as he is afloat, he is still useful. He is often described as grouchy, but does have a soft spot for the Knudson Fleet. Only Theodore, Foduck & Digby The Cable Ship can stand him, but only Foduck can keep him from being rude. He is reported as being a racist, barking at African-Americans.
  • Other generic barges have been used when the workload warrants it. These barges are owned by the Port.
  • Scruff first appeared in Season 3's "Guysborough & The Garbage Tug". He is the Garbage Tug, necessitating the termination of the Garbage Contract. He hates being cleaned & is Guysborough's only friend.

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