Munitions is a 1st season episode.


The towing of Naval munition vessels is a very important job indeed. One such vessel in particular, a transport named Mauna Loa, is being towed by Foduck. All is fine until Burton, the Navy tug, comes along. Uppity Burton says that Foduck may not continue on until he has made an inspection. Foduck heads off, finished with the run, ignoring him.

Foduck speaks to George, and tells him how munitions and fuel are being loaded aboard the same ship, which is very dangerous. Burton comes by, still being overbearingly bossy, before moving on to bothering Red Fin too.

At the Morrison Dock, Captain Bob informs the tugs they will be carrying munitions for the Navy. The Knudson Fleet have the explosives! Warrior is given garbage detail, Oliver is to transport car floats, Theodore is sent to Lucky’s Yard to pick up an fuel barge for the Morrison Fleet's fueling needs and Emily is to pick up Mighty Moe II, to take home. Captain Bobb thanks Molly for winning the steel contract, and tells her to collect the last girder barge.

The Knudson Tugs, meanwhile, are picking up the explosives, which are to be delivered to the Naval transport, Raniere.

Theodore, now with the fuel barge, is ordered about by Burton, who says to move out of the way. Bluenose purposely scrapes the barge, which makes Theodore very cross indeed.

Night falls. Big Basil the crane is transferring the munitions to Raniere, having finished loading Mauna Loa. Burton arrives, and starts his rot. He says the barge which is being unloaded should be moved, which would be a very wrong thing to do. Burton listens to no-one, and ends up bumping the barge hard, disturbing the munitions, resulting in a fire starting. The tugs present make sure to stay out of the way, but Burton can’t because his engine has failed, from shock. Theodore bravely tows him out of the danger zone. The fire continues, explosions going off all the while. Big Basil falls into the bay, killing his operator. Then Mauna Loa & Raniere catch fire.

Further away, Oliver is towing Cheech and Chong, the rail floats. They see the lights in the sky. Cheech thinks there is “a dockside celebration”. Oliver says, “If there was a party, I would have been invited.” Suddenly, Red Fin & Emily rush by, on the way to the fire.

Carl hasn’t noticed the goings-on, and is right in the way. The tugs shout to warn him, and he makes it out of there just in the nick of time. Then the fuel barge catches fire and Theodore jumps in to move it, but is this too risky a move?

Nearby, Foduck and Guysborough, the garbage barge, see the lights in the sky too. Foduck leaves Guysborough, and rushes to the scene.

Red Fin has now finally arrived, ordering everyone to stay back. George informs how it was Burton’s fault. Red Fin tells Emily to douse the flames with the fire barge. Theodore continues with the oil barge, to push it out to sea. Foduck arrives, and is told by Red Fin to use his fire hose. Foduck goes to do just that. Emily bravely fights the fire, while Foduck is hit square in the face by a bit of debris! Red Fin insists he move out, but Foduck sticks to his place, saying how he is looking after Carl, who has been badly stung. Red Fin understands. He then tells Jeremy to help him with the other fire barge in an attempt to save the transports and Jeremy obliges without question. Then there is a large explosion. Tears fill Emily's eyes when she thinks Theodore was in the blast. Red Fin relieves Jeremy and then the transports are completely destroyed. But thanks to Emily and Foduck, the fire did not spread. Oliver arrives, saying, “Oh dear. Seems I’m too late to save the day. What a pity.” The Knudson's then make fun of Oliver.

The next morning, the tugs think Theodore did not make it, which makes Emily very depressed. But soon enough, a familiar toot is heard in the near distance and then appears Theodore! And with that, Northumberland tows a disgraced Burton (still incapacitated) away. Then Captain Bob gives a lesson on how fires are dangerous while Northumberland is still hauling Burton to the compound for insubordination.


  • Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong reprise their roles as their namesake characters.
  • The plan was originally for the fire to destroy ALL of Halifax. but it was deternined that without the city, there would be no justification to continue the show.

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