Oliver is a 1st season episode.


Captain Bob has given Oliver and Molly the job of taking stone from the quarry to the old quayside. Oliver takes the first load, and starts his journey with his barge bumping into the back of him as he pulls off. Then, he nearly crashes into some Shrimpers. After that, he meets up with Izzy Gomez II. Oliver asks Izzy if he would like a tow, but Izzy tells him that he is going to try to get into port for free. Oliver tells him that it is against port law, and leaves in a huff - and as he leaves, he accidentally hits Izzy with his barge.

Oliver goes through the estuary, where Emily is working with Little Ditcher and Brunswick Barge. Oliver tells them about his new job, then as he is leaving, his barge hits Little Ditcher and causing him to spin on the spot. Emily and Brunswick find this very funny.

Oliver arrives at the old quayside, where Theodore, Jip and Jug are pulling down old buildings. Obama is also there keeping watch.

Meanwhile, Molly is making her way to the quarry to collect her load of stone. She meets up with Izzy, who tells her about his plan to move into port for free. Molly goes off disapproved.

At the quarry, Oliver's barge is being loaded with stone from the loader. Jeremy, Jebediah and Jack arrive to collect their load(they are doing the same job as Molly and Oliver, only they are doing it for Captain Zero III) and notice Molly is taking on a large load of stone. Jeremy tries to sabotage Molly's delivery by talking badly of Hank, so that Molly will get angry, and forget about her barge still being loaded, and going low in the water. It isn't until Northumberland shows up that Molly noticed her barge is overloaded and low in the water. She goes off out of the quarry, with Northumberland close by. Jeremy knows that with Molly's barge being overloaded, it could sink by any wave washing over it. Meanwhile, Jebediah secretly overloads Jeremy's barge to benefit the Morrison Fleet.

Back at the old quayside, Theodore, Jip and Jug are still pulling buildings down, when Izzy comes in, without a tow. Suddenly, he goes out of control, and crashes into rocks. Theodore quickly runs up to Izzy and pushes against him. He asks Scuttlebutt Pete II and Mighty Moe II, who are close by, to hold onto Izzy. Jip and Jug refuse to help, as it is not their salvage, as Jug tells Theodore. Jip knows that they really need to help Theodore, as he can see that Theodore is struggling. But Jug knows that Captain Zero won't approve.

Molly is now taking her barge slowly along the route to the old quayside. Northumberland watches her to make sure her barge is okay. So far, Molly has done well, but suddenly, Oliver comes rushing straight towards them. Northumberland ducks out of the way in time, but as Oliver rushes past Molly, he causes a big wave, which washes over Molly's barge, and causes it to sink. Molly, angry with Oliver, tells him to go and get a crane, and backs to where the barge sank.

Meanwhile, Theodore is still making sure Izzy is okay. He has thrown a few ropes to keep him upright. Suddenly, Izzy starts sinking! Theodore pushes against him to keep him upright, but his efforts isn't proving much good. He pleads to Jip and Jug to help him, but still, they refuse. Obama goes off to find George to help. Just then, Foduck arrives with Guysborough. He can see Theodore needs help, and is angry with Jip and Jug for not helping him, even though Jug tells him it was Ten Cents who said it was his salvage. "Yeah, well you said that, not me!" shouts Theodore.

Foduck pushes Guysborough against Izzy, to keep him upright. Jip and Jug are then prepared to go in, when Oliver appears, and can see Theodore needs his help. Theodore tells Oliver to back off, for it's too dangerous. Oliver ignores him, and starts to push. Sure enough, Izzy starts to move. But then, one of the ropes holding Izzy snaps, and Izzy starts to go over! But Oliver keeps pushing him. "I'm not gonna mess this up," says Oliver firmly. Molly arrives to help, and can see Oliver is doing a great job. Then, Oliver tells Scuttlebutt Pete and Mighty Moe to pull. The two cranes do so, and the Morrison Tugs give one last push, and at last, Izzy is back to safety. Obama and Northumberland arrive, and can see that Izzy is safe. Everyone is proud of Oliver; he has saved the day. "I reckon this makes up for sinking my barge Oliver," says Molly. "I reckon it makes up for everything". Theodore agrees. Just then, Jeremy and Zak arrive. "What's up here? Another one Oliver's disasters, eh?" asks Jeremy. Obama explains about Jip and Jug's behaviour, and tells Izzy that he will report him for coming in without a tow.

Oliver feels very tired, and goes to make his way home, but on his way, he falls asleep, and, still moving, he bumps into the cruise ship, Carnival Splendor, making him very cross. "Sorry," Oliver apologises, 'it's been a long day, and I must have dozed off."


  • Izzy Insults the tugs by calling them "Gringos": Americans.
  • This episode explores Jebediah's wish to join the Morrison Fleet, which eventually happens in Season 3.

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