Pirate is a 1st season episode


Engineering parts need to be taken to Scuttlebutt Pete the dredger. Theodore is given the job on this day. He delivers the barge loaded with the parts, and after encountering Jip and Jug, moors the barge – and sees a mysterious figure moving in an old building…

That foggy night, an unknown tug steals Theodore’s barge.

Jip and Jug find it is missing the next morning, and are sure that Theodore had stolen it. They go to tell Captain Bob, who tells how he has already received a complaint from the client, and orders Theodore on dredger detail with Scuttlebutt Pete while he sorts it out.

As Theodore is working with Scuttlebutt, Northumberland, the Submarine, pops up. He says how he has heard the whole story, which Theodore certainly does not find amusing! Jack and Jebediah happen to come by, and taunt Theodore. Emily, who has just arrived, informs Theodore he has to do more work for the Knudsons, which is part of a mixup on the Harbor Master's part. Theodore must tow an oil barge. After more taunting from Jack and Jebediah, he heads off.

That night, Northumberland can’t sleep due the loud music coming from the Hard Rock Cafe, and goes out for a nosey round the harbour. He encounters the unknown tug, who stole the barge the previous night, which Theodore was blamed for. Northumberland sees he is stealing Theodore’s oil barge, and worries who it could be. Through the night, even more barges still, disappear.

The next morning, a big meeting is held between the Morrison Fleet and the Knudson Fleet, on how to try and catch the “Pirate”. Captain Bob and Captain Zero III have come up with a plan, which will see all the tugs going out in pairs, to camp out in designated areas, and try and spot and nick the Pirate.

In an old warehouse, the “Pirate” tug is being ordered by two sinister, turban-wearing tugs to steal another barge. He must do so to keep his uncle from being loaded with a crude nuclear device. Northumberland sees everything, luckily not being spotted.

That night, Captain Bob and Captain Zero III's big plan is put into action.

Oliver is paired with George, which he is not in the least bit happy about!

Theodore and Emily are paired together also. Emily tells Theodore not to worry. Northumberland suddenly emerges and tells them about what he saw and that their “Pirate” is a tug called Sea Rogue. Theodore and Emily are very surprised.

Also paired are Jip and Jug, who see Theodore and Emily leaving their posts with Northumberland, out to find Sea Rogue, but think they are out to steal barges! Jip and Jug follow them.

The terrorist tugs scuttle lightships, destroy lighthouses, and cover up bell buoys to remain undetected.

Meanwhile, Sea Rogue is found by Theodore and Emily. He explains about his uncle. They come up with a big plan to capture the terrorists.

Jip and Jug find the old warehouse and are chased out by the terrorist tugs! Northumberland goes to save Sea Rogue’s uncle. Theodore, Emily and Sea Rogue take the chance to charge the terrorists, and sink them once and for all! George sees that something is going on, and ends up knocking a flare barge which has been set up, upon moving forward!

The next morning, Hank and Molly take the villains away, Northumberland goes off for a nice rest, and Sea Rogue and his uncle head for home. Nearby are Jip and Jug. They boast to Theodore and Emily that nothing scares them. Jug then clumsily bumps into a flare barge behind him, and both he and Jip run away in fright, which Theodore and Emily find a great joke.


  • First time terrorists appear.
  • First time nuclear weapons are mentioned.
  • First time Captain Bob & Captain Zero III are seen as full body humans. Captain Bob was portrayed by Patrick Stewart.
  • First time a scuttling occurs.

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