Regatta is a 1st season episode.


On the day before the Regatta, Theodore and Emily take fuel to Lillie Lightship and they tell her about the Regatta. Lillie feels very left out as she's anchored in Ceidys Cove, and won't be able to see any of it. Theodore jokingly suggests that they could fit a light and foghorn to Emily, so that Lillie could come and see it.

That night, the fog comes down; and whilst she was thinking about the Regatta, Lillie hears a cargo ship coming towards her very fast. She tries to warn the ship about the nearby rocks with her foghorn, but to no avail. Then suddenly, the ship, which is wearing a turban, comes out of the fog, strikes Lillie at her port side, and carries on towards the rocks. Too late, the ship crashes into the rocks & explodes. Apparently the ship was going to detonate in the port. But Lillie is now in trouble. With a huge hole on her port side close to her bow, water gets into her power room, knocking her light out of action!

By morning, Lillie is slowly sinking and still waiting for help - until Northumberland surfaces. Northumberland decides, rather than towing Lillie in to Halifax, to use his bow to plug the hole so that he can keep Lillie afloat until real help comes! Fortunately, a small fishing boat sees the situation and heads for Bigg City Port to inform Constance.

At the Morrison Dock, everyone is getting excited about the Regatta until Obama arrives and tells them about Lillie sinking. Captain Bob tells George to collect Might Moe II and Theodore to collect a barge. Now, the Morrison Tugs will have to forget about the Regatta for a while, much to the annoyance of Oliver. Theodore arrives at Lucky's Yard to collect a barge, only to discover that Jeremy, Jip and Jug are there and need a barge as well. Theodore takes the only timber barge available anyway, and sets off to the rescue.

At the rescue scene, Theodore can't believe his eyes when he discovers Nortumberland stuck in Lillie's hole. Mighty Moe, on Lillie's starboard side, lifts Lillie whilst Theodore pulls Northumberland out of the hole. As Lillie has a huge hole, they must take her to Lucky's Yard. Theodore tows Mighty Moe, still attached to Lillie and George puts on a bow line (presumably to the barge on Lille's port side).

Back in Halifax, Molly arrives at the Garbage Dump with Guysborough. But Jack the Crane Operator tells Molly that there isn't any garbage at all, so too does the Garbage Master. After they convince Molly about "no garbage", the Garbage Master explains that they are going to make Guysborough their float for the Regatta, using very colorful garbage!

After taking Lillie to Lucky's Yard, Theodore goes to work with Hank. But, they get an unexpected visit from Burton, who is looking for Northumberland. Northumberland arrives and tells Theodore and Hank, that at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he's going to be blown up by the Navy! Bluenose goes on to explain that Northumberland has commited a crime: Stealing debris from the MS Clementine disaster area (it was for catalogging by the government, but the Knudson's were out to shut down the Oceanic Research Institute, so they said that he was stealing objects from a military zone) . But, Theodore objects, considering Northumberland was hired by the government, who Burton works for. However for the Navy, Northumberland is a criminal. Secretly, Burton has contact with the Taliban, who has been sending the turban-wearing vessels!

As soon as Burton takes Northumberland out towards International Waters, Hank tells Theodore to tell McCain The Government Boat about the Navy's plan. Quickly as he could, Theodore arrives at the Naval Dock and tells McCain about Northumberland's wrongful execution. McCain makes a plan and sends Theodore to Lucky's Yard, and tells Oliver to help as well. But, Oliver finds the rescue of both Lillie and Grampus as a distraction, all because he's leading the Regatta this year! Meanwhile, McCain reports the false execution to Burton's superior, McArthur.

Theodore goes to Lucky's Yard and Jeremy, Jip and Jug are still there! Theodore tells them that they need the barge, but Jeremy tells Theodore if he takes it, he'll report a second theft by Theodore to Captain Zero III. But, Theodore takes no notice and takes the barge. Back at the Morrison Dock, McCain & Obama
explains the plan to capture to Hank, Oliver and Emily. But, Oliver is still moaning that he'll miss the Regatta. Soon, Theodore turns up, and once they attach a white target flag at each end of the barge, Theodore, Molly, George and Emily set off to the rescue.

Out at sea, Burton tells Northumberland (with white target flags on him) that he's been a very good submarine and the world has got no further use for him, which Northumberland agrees to. As soon as Burton gets clear of the target practice, Northumberland sees the Morrison Tugs coming towards him and tells them to stay clear. Oliver gets a panic attack about being in the danger zone, but George and Molly tell him to keep moving. Quickly, Theodore gets a stern line onto Northumberland and Molly cuts his stern line from the barge, carrying the white target flags. As soon as the Morrison Tugs and Northumberland clear away, the Navy holds fire. McCain, McArthur & several Cruisers come in & arrest Burton for false accusation. McArthur terminates Burton as Wink & Fibb come to take him to the breaker's as punishment for betraying his country.

As soon as the Morrison Tugs get back to Halifax, Jeremy and the Knudson switchers turn up, looking for their barge; the barges that Theodore took were going to be for the Regatta. Jeremy has a look around the Morrison Tugs and discovers Northumberland; then he jumps to the conclusion that the Star Tugs are breaking out a prisoner - until Foduck turns up and tells Jeremy he will report him for accusing Northumberland of theft. Jeremy, knowing that he can't beat Foduck, does move off - and so too does a very impatient Oliver! Foduck tells his colleagues that they can tell him about their rescue later, and is curious to know where Molly is!

At the Garbage Dump, the Garbage Master checks Guysborough and Jack before Molly joins the Regatta. Molly jokes about the colourful garbage, but Guysborough makes a nice comment on the banner above him. Once Molly leaves, Jack is very happy with his work.

At last, the Regatta is ready! Sea Princess is the commentator, and as soon as the cannon fires, the parade begins. Oliver leads off, with George, Hank and Molly following him. Then, Jack comes into view towing a light barge, with Jip and Jug bring up the rear towing a barge with 30 Denny's Grand Slam's. Then, Theodore towing Little Ditcher II and Molly towing Jenny Seaplane come into view, with Foduck following just behind them. Lastly, Jeremy turns up towing the musical barge with the Bridge Cafe Band. After the parade, Sea Princess announces that all the tugs have won a prize!

That night, Captain Bob gathers all the Morrison Tugs outside Lucky's Yard. The lights turn on and on the quayside, is Lillie Lightship, repaired and floating again. Lillie is very happy to see the Regatta for herself. Suddenly, Northumberland surfaces carrying the Morrison logos, much to the surprise of Theodore. Grampus tells the Morrison switchers that the ORI sold him to Captain Bob, so he's in the Morrison Fleet now - and Theodore and Emily blow their horns happily, and welcome Northumberland as the new recruit!


  • Since Northumberland is not a Naval Sub, the terrorist subplot was put in place.
  • The Up River breakfast was replaced with the Grand Slam's as an advertisement for Denny's.

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