Season 1 debuted on February 4th, 2009. It consisted of entirely of re-writes of 12 TUGS episodes.

The season is set in 2008-2009.

List of episodesEdit

  1. Molly - Molly arrives from Dartmouth on the day of arrival of the Freedom of the Seas.
  2. Pirate - A pirate is stealing barges for terrorists.
  3. Trapped - Jug accidentily wedges a cargo ship due for scrapping on the river, trapping the tugs up river.
  4. Quarantine - George's engine acts up during the Summer Rush.
  5. High Winds - Johhny Cuba II arrives in port to conduct business with terrorists.
  6. Ghosts - Reports of ghosts start pouring in.
  7. Up River - Emily gets trapped in a log jam.
  8. Oliver - Oliver's habit of bumping gets in the way.
  9. High Tide - Oliver & Guysborough have trouble with Jeremy & Jack in Mittville.
  10. Munitions - Annual Naval manouvers end in disaster.
  11. Regatta - Burton's ties with terrorists are uncovered just before the Regatta.
  12. Big Freeze - It's a race against time to get lights up before Foduck & RMS Queen Mary 2 arrive.

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