Season 2 premiered March 11th, 2010. This season introduced the Bombardier Fleet, who are really the Star Tugs, but modernised.

This season is set between 2009-2010, but some episodes are set between 1993-2001 or in 2002 & 2008. Episodes set in the latter timeframe are re-writes of episodes from the original "Theodore Tugboat".


Unlike Season 2, this season has 28 episodes.

  1. Bombardier - The Bombardier Fleet arrives in Halifax. The Knudson's try to tarnish their reputation.
  2. Unsafe Ship - A modestly sized cargo ship named Cabot breaks Port Law. Set in 2001.
  3. Theodore & Emily's Adventure - Theodore & Emily go on the Lambert Tributary with a ship for a new cargo dock. But the Knudson Tugs have other ideas...
  4. First Day - Theodore's first day in Halifax, and his traumatizing encounter of Burton, is retold.
  5. The Queen - The Queen Elizabeth 2 comes into port, but a terrorist carrying a crude nuclear device tries to break up the procession. Set in 1993.
  6. Chips - George brags he knows about woodchips. But when he has to tow the stuff, Jack tries to sabotage him.
  7. Disaster - Dartmouth's faulty guidance cables cause the super container ship MS Clementine to hit a reef & start sinking. It's a race against time to save her! Set in 2008
  8. Ahoy There! - Pirates attack Halifax, so the Morrison, Knudson, Bombardier & Naval fleets team up to take them down.
  9. Trains - Oliver wants to be a train, so he strings together about 20 barges & pretends he's Carl. But this creates chaos when he starts thwacking Knudson's.
  10. Earthquake - An earthquake causes Jebediah's barges to come loose, Molly's barge to sink & several old buildings to collapse. Later, Izzy Gomez gets beached during an aftershock.
  11. Jug Gets Blamed - After blocking the river with another steam ship, Jug gets blamed by Emily for it. But Jeremy tries to deflect the blame to himselft, because HE was pushing.
  12. What? - Jip loses his memory, which Oliver takes advantage of.
  13. San Fran - Theodore & Emily go to San Francisco, where they meet Andy & Katie.
  14. Why? - Jip & Jug start getting curious about how they work.
  15. Is This Halifax? - Theodore & Emily get lost on their way home from Rotterdam & end up in Tokyo.
  16. Home - Theodore & Emily make it home to Halifax.
  17. Those Darn Terrorists! - A group of terrorist vessels try & release Burton.
  18. Stewiacke's Addiction - Pugwash can't break Stewiacke of his natural gas addiction, which eventually causes his engine to explode.
  19. Are We There Yet? - Oliver gets impatient while on a Transatlantic Job to Belfast with Foduck.
  20. Are U Serious? - Theodore's Skipper becomes addicted to Youtube & forgets to show up for work one day when Theodore is needed most.
  21. Who Is It? - A ship refuses to identify, giving Obama & Constance a hard time.
  22. I Love NY - Theodore & Emily go to NY & are captured by Johnny Cuba's gang.
  23. Scrappers Anonymous - Fibb gets tired of being a scrap tug & wants to be a Knudson.
  24. Lake - Hank & Molly are overwhelmed by the sheer size of Lake Jordan, a territory no fleet has ever been able to win due to the intensity of the operations.
  25. BOOM! - A huge explosion levels half of Mittsville & Junior Johnson is blamed.
  26. Superpower - Hank gets stupid ideas that Theodore has superpowers, but Theodore denies it all.
  27. Logging Tugs - Hank and Molly are assigned to the Log Camp up the Lambert Tributary, and have a few adventures.
  28. Gangsta's - The day the Knudson Fleet arrived in Halifax is retold.

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