Theodore & Emily's Adventure is a 2nd season episode.


At the morning work meeting, Captain Bob tells the Morrison Tugs that a new industry, a cargo dock, has just opened on the Lambert Tributary. Theodore & Emily are selected to take the first ship up the tributary. Both are excited & can't wait to go up a waterway no tug has ever gone up!

Soon, the ship arrives. He introduces himself as Ned & tells the switchers that he is to be loaded with general goods at the new cargo dock. They start for the Lambert Tributary. Nearby, Jeremy, Jip & Jug eye them carefully. Jeremy tells Jip & Jug to sink the ship, so they can steal the goods at the dock & sell it all for money, then use the money to buy more tugs!

Meanwhile, Theodore & Emily start up the Lambert Tributary. They are amazed by the natural beauty. They spot white-tailed deer, grizzly bears, bald eagles, hawks, falcons & even some fragments from the Halifax Explosion. They pass a waterfall, tall trees, babbling brooks, small streams & wildflowers. They feel peaceful & rejuvenated.

But Jip & Jug are close behind, with intent to sink. Jug's skipper decide's to test the water level & see if the ship will sink. But, to their dismay, the tributary is too shallow. Plan B: Blow it up! "I knew this C4 we stole from Junior Johnson would come in handy someday!", says Jug's Skipper.

Theodore & Emily finally reach the new Cargo Dock. After docking Ned, they find a nearby logging camp. The manager comes almost immediately & says that they have just lost their rail connection after terrorists blew up the rail line & Canadian National will not be able to repair the line for at least 6 months. They say they'll come back when Capt. Bob hears about it.

Jip & Jug manouver behind Ned, and Jug's skipper plant's & arms the C4. They move away & prepare to detonate. But a dock worker notices the C4 & starts yelling "BOMB!". Air raid sirens go into force as panicked residents run around. Theodore & Emily hear the commotion & suspect Knudson sabotage.

The bomb turns out to be a dud. Theodore & Emily spot Jip & Jug & give chase. The Knudson switchers go as fast as they can & seem to be outrunning them. But Emily reveals she can speak multiple animal languages. She calls upon a "squadron" of eagles to drop pinecones on the Knudson switchers. Then she orders the bears to throw live beehives at them. Now, the Knudson switchers can't take it anymore! They stop, while their skippers burn the bees.

Obama comes along & takes Jip & Jug to the Compound, while their skippers go to jail. Theodore & Emily, exhausted but triumphant, recieve commendations from Obama. They return home & tell Capt. Bob about the logging camp. Capt. Bob tells them that the logging business up & they could use another territory. As the episode ends, Tophat & Oliver taunt Jip & Jug while they are in the compound.


  • First appearance of the Lambert Tributary & Ned.
  • An alternate ending where the C4 explodes was released on the official website. In it, Theodore, Emily & Ned perish, along with many lives. Jip & Jug find a few barges & take the general goods to the Knudson Dock, where Capt. Zero III does an evil laugh, while Capts. Bob & Star III fire an RPG's at the dock & the military opens fire.

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