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Welcome to the Theodore Tugboat: The Real Stories wiki. We strive to tell the real stories of what goes on in Halifax Harbour. Fans of "Theodore Tugboat" & "TUGS" will no doubt love these tales of crime, violence, business, death, destruction, bad-language, naval tyranny, corporate corruption, poor-hygiene, crude humor, terrorism & all-around great storylines.

This series brings "Theodore Tugboat" closer to the grim, dark & often violent storylines of "TUGS". In fact, Bigg City Port is often cited in the episodes.

The series revolves around 2 rival tugboat companies working in Halifax Harbor. They are the Morrison Tugs & Knudson Fleet. They compete for contracts, jobs, industry, profit & territories. The richest territory is the River. There, logging, mining, woodchip & blasting operations can be found.

I hope you enjoy these tales of Halifax Harbor as much as I enjoy making these stories that, let's face it, Robert Cardona should take into serious consideration.

Please note: This is meant to be Scratchpad fanfiction wiki. "Theodore Tugboat: The Real Stories" is NOT a real TV Series (But should be).

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