Trapped is a 1st season episode.


There are times when, incredibly, the Morrison Tugs and Knudson Fleet take on a big job together. Timber and tanning bark have to be brought from the sawmills Upiver.

On this day, Jug is pulling a modest-sized cargo ship to the breaker’s yard. Captain Zero III said to take it on his way and deliver it before working with Jeremy on the timber and bark job. But this extra task has now made him very late.

An Alligator Tug, named Junior Johnson, works Up River. He transports dangerous loads, notably C4's, from Mittsville to the logging camp. Billy sees Hank and Molly, who just want him to get away with his load!

Jug sees Jeremy waiting – impatiently. Jeremy says how they’re all supposed to be on log detail. Jug tells Jeremy how Captain Zero told him to take the old tramper to the breaker’s yard on his way. Jeremy jumps in to “help” Jug get it to the breaker’s yard faster. But Jeremy pushes too hard, which causes the vessel to go out of line and jam right across the river. No-one can get past it either way. Jeremy storms off and leaves Jug there. He's pleased, thinking that all the Morrisons are trapped Up River, leaving the port entirely to the Knudsons. Theodore, Emily & Oliver then find Jug and the jammed tramper, on their way down. Emily goes back Up River for help. She then runs into Junior Johnson and tells him about the accident. Johnson then offers to blast the tramper open with dynamite, much to Emily's chargan.

Meanwhile down river, in Halifax, Jeremy is surprised to see George. George was pulled off log detail to help Foduck tow out the Latitide. Jeremy tells George about the “accident”. George goes to head up there, and tells Jeremy to inform Captain Bob, Captain Zero and Port Authority.

Back at the scene of the accident, George has arrived on the lower side. He calls out, and Oliver raises his wheelhouse to talk to him. George says he will fetch help. Hank and Molly on the other side, come up with a bright plan: To make a battering ram, using three or four barges.

Back in Halifax, George finds Sheldon, of whom George asks if he can help with the tramper.

At the site, all the tugs have the barge ram ready. They charge forward but only manage to buckle the tramper. Jug gets trapped between the barges and the tramper. Emily arrives with Junior Johnson, all ready with dynamite!

Jeremy passes George, and comments the tramper will crush Sheldon! George suspects Jeremy has not fetched any help.

Theodore pulls Jug clear, leaving Junior Johnson ready to rig the dynamite and blast the tramper apart. After a tense countdown – nothing happens! Junior finds he used a remote C4. He arms the trigger, and the countdown begins once more, just as Jeremy arrives on the lower side the C4 breaks open the tramper, the sudden rush of water caused takes Jeremy downstream, and the trapped tugs escape down fast. After their ride down the rapids, the tugs find Jeremy stuck up on some rocks. Everyone finds it a great joke, even Jug. The tugs thank Junior and soon George arrives with Sheldon and jokes about Jeremy's perdiciment.


  • First appearances of Junior Johnson.
  • Foduck, Jebediah and Captain Zero III are absent in this episode (However Foduck Captain Zero are mentioned)
  • First time a ship is destroyed.
  • Only episode where we see Oliver & Theodore work together.
  • The only time that Jug works with the Morrison Fleet.

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