Unsafe Ship is a 2nd season episode.


Theodore is to bring in a ship. It's a modest-sized cargo ship. It's a light ship, so a pusher is not needed, which means Theodore is bringing the vessel in alone.When Theodore goes out to the estuary, Blandford asks where Emily is. Theodore explains that only a puller is needed on this job. Thankfully, it's the off-peak season of 2001, when the least amount of ships come into port.

Soon, the ship comes into view. He introduces himself as Cabot. When Theodore says he is to tow him in, Cabot refuses, saying he has port thrusters. Theodore refuses him entry & his skipper calls Obama, The Port Authority Boat.

When he arrives, Theodore explains the situation. Obama concludes that not only is Cabot breaking port law by trying to go beyond Blandford under his own power, his cargo is also improperly secured. Cabot says he likes it that way. But Obama still refuses him entry & insists he be reasonable. Instead of being reasonable, he slams into Obama. Furious, Obama alerts his superiors that a ship has assaulted him & is heading into port without a tugboat! Several police boats set up a "roadblock". Cabot goes right through them, sinking a police boat in the process.

Things start to get more hectic. Cabot strikes Bedford, spinning him, smashes a rowboat to smithereens, killing it's occupents, hits George's oil barge, setting it aflame, and shows total disregard towards the Queen Elizabeth 2 by calling her an "inferior female". Theodore stops Bedford spinning & Bedford tells him that Cabot is breaking the law. Theodore then helps George push his barge to the Shelter Area, where it safely detonates.

Cabot continues to rampage through the port. He has now killed nearly 41 innocent people. Obama declares a state of emergency & shuts down the port. The SWAT Boats, a team of highly trained boats who spend most of their time moored, start chasing down Cabot. As a last resort, the Navy is called in. On land, there is a danger that Cabot could strike barges loaded with explosives that Hank is supposed to take to the Munitions Dock, so the air raid sirens go off. Residents are evacuated inland.

Obama has a plan: cut off Cabot using flare barges. It ALMOST works. Cabot does indeed strike the barges, but he goes straight through & hits Obama square in the bow! Obama goes berserk & orders the SWAT Boats to start shooting!. But Cabot dodges all of their shots & starts for the coast. The Navy prepares the Coastal Defense Guns to fire.

Theodore makes one last attempt to stop Cabot. But he sees that Emily is making the attempt. Not wanting Emily gone from his life, Theodore rams her out of the way & gets hit HARD! Theodore recovers & his skipper throws a towline at Cabot. Not wanting a "puny switcher" to take him alive, Cabot shifts into high gear. Theodore holds firm as Cabot heads for the coast. Emily attaches a towline to Cabot & pulls. The lines break & Theodore & Emily shoot foreward.

On the coast, the guns fire at Cabot. He gets hit by an explosion, but keeps on going, intent on heading for Dartmouth. But then, George & Foduck get a towline on him & steer him back toward Halifax. By now, several battleships are lining the port entrance. George & Foduck release their lines as the battleships open fire. Still not taking a hit, Cabot veers towards the explosives, intent on blowing up "this inshospitable hell-hole". In a last ditch effort, Theodore cuts off Cabot. Cabot hits Theodore HARD. AGAIN! This time, Theodore starts to sink. Emily immediately jumps in & quickly takes him to shallow waters. Cabot, meanwhile, decides to take his cargo to New York, a hospitable port where he is welcome. But he suddenly runs out of fuel!

After Theodore is repaired, Cabot is brought to the compound, AKA "Jail". He stays there for 7 months, while the Knudson Fleet is starting up. When his trial comes, Obama has a tirade when he testifies. Cabot says he has never been to a port with such strict laws, so he couldn't have known that he couldn't that ships couldn't move under their own power. One jury member rules for Cabot, but the judge, Burton The Naval Tug, rules for the Port, saying that firepower was wasted on a civilian target. Eventually, after hours of deliberation, Cabot is found guilty, for breaking Port Law, assaulting Port Authority, Murder & Destroying Property. He is sentenced to the breakers yard. Cabot yells racist, offensive & sexist comments as Wink & Fibb tow him to the breakers. After the trial, Emily tells Theodore how brave he was & tells him she loves him as a boyfriend. Theodore agrees. Within months, Cabot is fully scrapped. His metal is used for new barges, while his cargo is shipped by rail.


  • This episode is a heavy reworking of the Theodore Tugboat episode, "Theodore & The Unsafe Ship".
  • First chronological appearances of Wink, Fibb, and the Knudson Fleet.
  • First time the Coastal Defense Guns appear.
  • Only appearance of battleships
  • First appearance of the SWAT Boats.
  • First time human deaths are seen on camera.
  • Cameos by Rebecca & Nautilis.

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