Up River is a 1st season episode.


It is winter in Canada. The worst of it is over, and the snow is starting to melt. It’s a very busy time.

One of the big tasks is logging, which under Captain Bob’s held contract, the Morrison Tugs must take thousands of logs from Down River to the sawmills.

A large jam has formed, which Molly and Emily are finding difficult to overcome. Molly advises Emily to take care. Emily continues to ram, unluckily causing a chain-reaction which starts the logs to tumble down and trap him. Then Carl arrives, who goes to get help from Down River. Molly is concerned about how the logs are heating up.

Carl, meanwhile, has found Theodore, and tells him everything.

Molly tries to shift the logs to free Emily, but can’t. Molly and Emily find that smoke is starting to rise from the logs! When Theodore arrives, Molly says for him to help try and shift the logs, to get Emily out. Then Junior Johnson arrives – with a small load of C4's! Theodore suggests Junior set off a little blast to free Emily. The smoke continues to build, and the logs are now well on fire. Junior Johnson sets up 1 C4. Upon countdown, up the logs go, and Emily is free! It was a very big bang though, which has caused the whole jam to break up. The logs charge Down River, threatening to wreck Uptown! When Carl pulls up to them, Theodore tells him to warn Uptown, who rumbles off as fast as he can. The tugs set off down the way.

It’s difficult to puff along the icy rails, but Carl presses on. He blasts warnings all the way down the line, and soon arrives in Uptown Docks, where Oliver, George and Hank are working. Carl tells them everything. Oliver says how the logs will wreck the whole quayside and themselves! Hank comes up with a plan to build a “dam” across the river entrance.

Once all are in place, including Sheldon, they prepare themselves for the logs.

The logs continue to charge along, demolishing a small quay (and killing 15 workers) along the way. Some logs are stopped by the wreckage, but many more still continue. Theodore, Emily and Molly follow along still.

At Uptown, the air raid sirens are roaring to warn everybody. Residents near the dock are evacuated by the Uptown Police Department. The logs begin to approach – but Hank is on the wrong side of the dam! George says they should all rev their engines to try and push back the logs, diverting them. The logs glance off and take out a factory due for demolition in spectacular, “explosive” fashion. At least the owner won’t have to pay now!

Theodore, Emily and Molly arrive to the others. Hank is dubbed a hero (complete with Molly brutally failing to kiss him), and the tugs head to clear up. But apparently, Jip & Jug were nearby & got caught! The Morrison Tugs laugh at their predicement while Jeremy angrily brings Mighty Moe II.


  • 1st appearance of Carl.
  • 1st time Molly isn't working with Hank.
  • 1st time a tug tries to "kiss".

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